Choose The Right Backpacker Travel Insurance

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Nous avons listé 10 points à tenir compte lorsque vous choisissez une assurance de voyage. 

  • Une assurance de voyage qui couvre largement vos frais médicaux vous garantira la tranquillité durant le voyage. Une prise en charge pour des frais allant jusqu'à un million (pounds, euro, USD) est souvent proposée par les assurances de voyage.  
  • Les dépenses de rapatriement ou d'évacuation d'urgence doivent être couverts. Vous ne désirez pas être hospitalisé à l'intérieur des terres en Afghanistan.
  • Prenez une assurance de voyage avec une faible franchise.
  • Elle doit couvrir vos frais d'annulation de voyage ou si vous manquez votre vol.
  • Les activités extrêmes et sports ne seront probablement pas compris. Donc, si vous aimez les sports à sensations fortes, consultez une assurance experte en ce domaine. 
  • La police d'assurance devrait couvrir toutes les destinations pour la durée de votre voyage. Achetez votre assurance lorsque vous commencez à réserver pour réclamer chaque dépense si vous annulez votre voyage. 
  • Quand on parle d'assurer vos effets personnels contre des évènements malencontreux ( vols, pertes, dégradations ou destructions) un plan sans limite au niveau du nombre d'articles est toujours mieux.
  • La responsabilité personnelle, juste au cas où vous brûlez la maison de vos hôtes.
  • Le prix est important mais évitez une assurance trop bon marché. Il y a souvent une raison pour des si bas prix...
  • Toujours lire les petits caractères dans votre police d'assurance et comprendre ce qu'elle ne couvre pas est aussi important que ce qu'elle couvre. Vous devez également connaitre les procédures pour introduire une réclamation.  


Whether you are on a globetrotting adventure, going on a long trip, or living overseas for several months, you will need specialist travel insurance. There is an unlimited number of travel insurance schemes available, making the selection overwhelming. Picking a random provider, the cheapest one, or not even get insured could lead to a dramatic outcome. Accidents can and do happen. So before you purchase, triple check the policy, including the fine print, to be confident it gives you the appropriate international travel health insurance. After doing a lot of research, we came out with some key points to look for.

    TwoTravelTheWorld Slip

    This is the essential part of your travel coverage. When looking for a plan, first make sure they have a high coverage limit on your emergency medical expenses while you are away. Worldwide travel insurances offer at least £1million worth of protection. Even if it's unlikely you ever reach that limit, high coverage limits will cover all your hospital bills. Next, to the cover limits, you should get a reduced - near zero - excess policy. The excess is the amount that you will have to pay towards any claim. For example, if you made a claim for £1000 and the policy excess is £200, the insurer would only pay out £800.

    Emergency Repatriation

    Your policy needs to include emergency evacuation and repatriation expenses if you are injured or become sick while abroad. Repatriation coverage comes as standard in most travel insurance policies but the level it covers varies.

    TwoTravelTheWorld Ice Climbers

    Medical Expenses

    Standard travel insurance policies will be unlikely to cover extreme activities - for example, water sports, winter sports and even pony trekking. If you seek thrills through outdoor adventures, it's important to get the right policy for the level of activities you are planning to do. Insurers will print a list of all sports and activities covered in their policy. If you can't find your favourite sport, it's time to shop around for a specialist travel insurance like World Nomads travel insurance, which covers a large range of adventure activities.

    Adventure Sports

    Not all insurance providers will cover you if you are travelling the most far-flung corners of the world or if you are heading overseas for a long duration. While it may sound obvious, always check to see if all your destinations are included in your 'gap year' insurance policies. Some provider will only cover European destinations. Useless if you twist your ankle on the Great Wall or if you get bitten by a sand fly in the Amazon. Sometimes, you may also need to extend the duration of your cover should you travel for a longer time.

    Destination and Duration

    Misfortunes happen - passports get stolen, bags get lost by airlines, gadgets get damaged. Make sure your policy covers your most expensive possessions like a laptop, DSLR camera, camcorder - the list goes on. Most of the time, there is a limit on the payout for individual valuable items. Take the time to carefully read the limits of your policy or any exclusions, particularly for cash, high-value items and sporting equipment. In some cases, you might need to buy separate insurance to get a higher amount of coverage for your (too expensive) MacBook Pro.

    TwoTravelTheWorld Luggage

    Baggage and Belongings Cover

    Are you planning to work while you are going abroad to get some extra cash? Do you want to do voluntary work? Not all insurance policies will cover you during those activities. So if work is part of your adventure, be prepared and get the right coverage.

    Travel and Work

    You insurance provider should give you twenty-four hour, multi-lingual emergency support to help when you need them the most and assist you with your medical treatment, emergency evacuation, or legal assistance.

    24/7 Emergency Assistance

    A good policy will reimburse cancellations of accommodations, flights, and other transportations for unforeseen reasons - for example, a sudden sickness, an injury affecting your travel buddy, the death of a close relative. Only bookings bought when you were covered by your insurance will be refunded. So don't wait until the last minute to get insured if you want to claim those expenses.


    Personal liability insurance covers injury or damage compensation claims made against you by a third party. As this risk is less predictable, you should look for coverage over 1 million pounds, euros, or US dollars.

    Personal Liability

    Single-trip travel insurance ends the minute you touch down back in your home country. Some multi-trip plans will permit you to resume your trip. Don't forget that you will not be covered whilst you are back home.

    Single trip vs multi trip backpacker travel insurance

    Understanding what it is not covered is as crucial as knowing what it is accounted for by your travel insurance. We know that nobody reads the boring fine print... but you should. You don't want to make a claim and get it rejected because you didn't know. Common policy limitations are:

    • Pre-existing medical conditions - for example, heart attack, stroke, etc.
    • Loss of passport when left unattended.
    • Thefts unreported to local police authorities.
    • Being inebriated/intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

    Know your coverage limit

    Pricing should be secondary while you compare backpacker travel insurances. After all, you will be in an unknown territory. If an accident happens, you will be relieved to get the best support ever.

    We trust WorldNomads when it comes to our international insurance as they are the best when you consider price, coverage, convenience, and credibility. Although we recommend you to do your own due diligence, we believe those keys point will help you to find the right policy provider for your next adventure. Travel is all about the unexpected and unpredictable, but the right travel insurance will ensure you are ready when things go wrong.

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    Look at the exclusions to make sure you are eligible for the policy

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